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Our experience in setting out buildings gives Laser Surveys an advantage when it comes to Building Surveys. We have conducted a number of surveys of listed buildings and can provide fully detailed Floor & Roof Plans, Sections and Elevations.

It is of vital importance that the surveyor understands how buildings are constructed in order that the critical dimensions are recorded as without these the survey plans cannot be accurately drawn up. Laser surveys have worked for approximately 10 years on setting out buildings from ground up which provides us with the insight needed for such surveys.
We also understand the necessity for the highest level of accuracy in these surveys.

We have a number of software packages that streamline the survey process resulting in less time on site and less disturbance where a building is in use. This software enables us to construct our survey in 3D so that visualizations and projected elevations can be created to the Client's requirements.
We can provide elevations with the correct isometrics of surrounding buildings or can construct a 3D Street Scape that can be rotated in CAD to any viewing point with correct perspectives.  

Where the building façade is intricate, it may be desirable to do rectified photography where a complete orthometric photo record is produced enabling the Client to take additional measurements on the façade within their own cad system.
Laser Scanning is an alternative to conventional measurement and is used more frequently today. Laser Surveys can provide scanning of building internals and externals.


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